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Aug 8

tension set ring

Aug 8

Tension Set Ring

Jewelry is extremely popular and can add elegance and sophistication in simplistic fashion. There are many different jewelry items that are only growing in popularity, but none more so than rings. Women adore the way rings look on their hands and women have many different rings with significant meanings. Rings are available in different designs and materials. However, tension set ring options are becoming more prevalent and highly desired. A Tension Set Ring specifically designed innovation to secure the gemstone and allow for a more distinct style and look. Pressure is used to keep the gemstone in place. This is much different than traditional rings that use a prong or mounted feature to secure the gemstone. Therefore, tension set rings are extremely popular among jewelry lovers. The innovation used to create a tension set ring creates the illusion that the gemstone is floating in air. This illusive looking style is very popular, but the gemstone is completely secure and safe in a tension set ring. One of the most noticeable differences between tension set rings and traditional ring settings is that tension settings are specifically designed to the preferences of the buyer. This ensures that the ring is sized properly and that it fits accordingly on the jewelry wearer. Computers are used to calibrate the setting and create the tension and pressure that is needed to secure the gemstone in place. This innovation is more expensive and this increases the price of tension set jewelry. However, it is possible to find tension set ring options that are reduced in price and more affordable. Tension set rings apply pressure to the stones that are set within the ring. Therefore, only certain types of gemstones can be set in tension set ring options. This includes diamonds, rubies, moissanite and sapphires. Although not all gemstones can be set in tension set ring options, these are the most popular gemstones varieties. This will ensure that your tension set ring still has a gemstone that meets your preferences and is of the quality that you are looking for. Accurate pressure must be applied to ensure that fracturing doesn’t occur within your gemstone over time. Only the best gemstones are used to set in tension set ring options. If you are looking for a unique and distinct ring, you should consider a tension set ring. Tension Set Ring combine style and innovation to create a ring that is much different from traditional options.

Aug 8

Titanium Wedding Ring for Men

Aug 8

Titanium Wedding Ring for Men – The Benefits of Titanium

You are finally going to marry a man that you have been with for a very long time. This is the man of your dreams, and you want to give him a very special kind of wedding ring. A jeweler has a titanium wedding ring for men, but you are not sure if that is the right metal for you and your love. However, there are many benefits to using titanium metal for any kind of ring. Here is more information on why titanium wedding rings are becoming quite popular for couples to choose. The first question a couple may have is what exactly is titanium? Titanium is a metal that is used in things like watches, and airplane parts. Titanium is known to be one of the strongest metals on earth, and anything made from it is going to be exceptionally strong. A Titanium Wedding Ring for Men is going to be strong and should last for a very long time. An important benefit of titanium is the fact that it is a rather inexpensive material to make jewelry out of. A titanium ring is going to be a lot less expensive than platinum, gold, or silver. As a couple about to get married, you do not have a lot of money to spend on the wedding rings. Another thing about titanium wedding rings is the fact that the titanium material itself is very light to wear. You may be in a business where you use your hands all the time, and a wedding ring made of gold or silver is going to be very heavy to wear. If your man is the kind that is always working on something or has a job that requires his hands, then a Titanium Wedding Ring for Men is perfect because it will not weight his hand down and he will be able to keep it on while at work as well as home. Your man is one of the most important people in the world to you, and you want to get him an equally special wedding ring. A titanium wedding ring for men is perfect because the rings do not cost a lot of money, are strong, are durable, and will last for a very long time. You spent a lot of money on the wedding to this man, and you are so excited about being married to him. Finding the right wedding ring is going to start off your life together perfectly.

Aug 8

Hand Crafted Rings

Aug 8

handcrafted rings

Exquisitely handcrafted items are the most desired items when it comes to jewellery. Most persons in the higher echelons of society appreciate the time, patience and effort that go into the entire process of crafting handmade pieces. From design to delivery, every step is linked, like a well-oiled machine, churning forth intricately alluring items.

There are many types, made with many basic materials but the most interesting of handcrafted rings are the ones that take the creator to another level. Anyone with a vision of rainbows can design a ring but it takes a magician to create a living work of art.

 It takes genius and ingenuity to envision and conceptualize a ring and follow that ring through all the processes from start to finish. Some of these rings include such intricately designed detail that is boggles the mind. How can someone have the patience to create such a masterpiece with such detail?

Jewellery designers craft these genuine pieces from precious metals, precious and semiprecious stones, glass, ebony and ceramics. Handcrafted rings are usually statement pieces; one of a kind pieces of art. Never will you find two identical rings if they are handcrafted. Even in a deliberate attempt to copy the original piece, there will always be a variation; even if only slight.

Handcrafted rings have a certain je-née-sais-quoi to them. Because of the status symbol and implied value, these pieces of art are more commonly used for engagement proposals or procured as heirlooms. Any woman would have a stomach filled with butterflies at the thought of her suitor going to such lengths to select and secure a piece of art and living history to present to her.

However not all handcrafted rings can play on the same playing field. Some will be more beautiful and valuable but each one will be a work of art in its own right. Some of these rings tell stories of struggles, conflicts, personal tales of trepidation and redemption. To the designer the inspiration to create these exceptional works of art usually comes from a place hidden and only accessed and expressed through love for design and art.

It is no wonder the desire these pieces cultivate, as such stories can be also reminders of our person struggles and accomplishments. Pain, pleasure, tribulations and triumphs; who would have ever though that such earth moving situations can be foretold in a piece of jewellery.